About Us

Rama Material Handling & Racking System main goal is to offer the best solution for warehousing and storage requirements for a range of businesses and organisations. We make every effort to produce, supply and install a comprehensive selection of office furniture composed of metal and steel, including slotted angles and display racks, mezzanine floors, mobile racking systems, etc.

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Our Products

Slotted Angle Rack
A slotted angle rack, also known as a slotted angle shelving or bolted shelving, is a type of storage rack system that uses slotted angle steel components to create versatile
Hydraulic Manual Stacker
A hydraulic manual stacker, also known as a manual hydraulic stacker or manual lift stacker, is a manually operated lifting device used for lifting and moving loads
Zero Height Scissor Lift
A zero height scissor lift, also known as a low-profile scissor lift or ground-level scissor lift, is a type of hydraulic lifting system that allows for lifting heavy loads
Hydraulic Pallet Truck
A hydraulic pallet truck, also known as a pallet jack or pump truck, is a manual or electric-powered device used to lift and transport palletized loads

Why Choose Us

When choosing a supplier or provider of material handling equipment, here are some potential reasons why you might consider choosing a particular company.