Wall Mounted Goods Lift

A wall-mounted goods lift, also known as a wall-mounted cargo lift or wall-mounted freight elevator, is a type of lifting equipment used to vertically transport goods or materials between different levels within a building. Unlike traditional freight elevators or goods lifts that are supported by a shaft or structure, a wall-mounted goods lift is attached to a wall for support, making it a space-saving solution in buildings with limited floor space.

Here are some key features and characteristics of a wall-mounted goods lift:

Wall Mounting: As the name suggests, the lift is securely mounted to a wall using brackets or a supporting structure. This design eliminates the need for a dedicated shaft or pit, saving valuable floor space.


Vertical Movement: The lift operates in a vertical manner, moving goods or materials between different levels of a building. It can have multiple stops at various floors, allowing for efficient transportation.

Weight Capacity: Wall-mounted goods lifts are designed to handle different weight capacities, depending on the model and specifications. They can range from a few hundred kilograms to several tons, accommodating a wide range of loading requirements.

Platform Size: The lift’s platform size can vary depending on the specific model and intended use. It should be sufficient to accommodate the size and shape of the goods or materials being transported.

Controls and Safety Features: Wall-mounted goods lifts typically come with user-friendly controls located near the lift entrance on each floor. Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, interlocks, and safety gates are incorporated to ensure safe operation.

Power and Operation: The lift is usually powered by electricity and operates using a control panel or buttons. It can have hydraulic or electric-driven systems for vertical movement.

Customization Options: Depending on the manufacturer and specific requirements, wall-mounted goods lifts can be customized to meet different needs. This includes features such as different platform sizes, loading configurations, door options, and finishes.

Wall-mounted goods lifts are commonly used in warehouses, factories, retail stores, and other commercial or industrial settings where the efficient movement of goods between different levels is required. They offer a practical solution for maximizing space utilization while facilitating safe and efficient vertical transportation of heavy or bulky items.